Tony, I’m glad you liked my reminisces of Mike, sounds like we had a similar take on him. I know he had his detractors but you sum him up perfectly as far as I’m concerned, "He was always upbeat and encouraging.”

Do you know the book “Hello, Goodbye, Hello” by the British comedian Craig Brown? It’s a fascinating book. It’s structure is who knows whom. The first chapter is about two people. The second chapter is about one of those people and how they know another person. The third chapter is about how one of those people knows another person. The fourth is about how one of those people knows another person.

It sounds a bit boring in the abstract but it’s brilliant, a really compelling alternative vision of reality—and very Sydney.

In most places I’ve lived, I would have been absolutely astounded to learn you (a) know Mike, (b) were next door neighbors, (c) he gave you your first photography assignment, and (d) he was a routine part of your life, as he was of mine, at the very time you and I knew each other, and you and I never knew it.

But of course that’s classical life in Sydney!

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Aug 5, 2023Liked by Chris Coffman

Beautiful story; beautifully written, Chris. His story reminds me how desperately culture needs to reclaimed. How much longer can we collectively groan under the me-me, prize-every time, perpetual victim mentality that’s brow-beaten into our young? When the “Mikes” are exalted, the children find their way.

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Dec 20, 2022Liked by Chris Coffman

Wow! Amazing kneecap recap! Excellent story about the oft unheralded foundation that underpins the facade of glitter and glory: perseverance…. Mike is incredible!

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Dec 16, 2022Liked by Chris Coffman

Enjoyed reading about my old friend Mike Agostini. Mike was our next door neighbour in Rose Bay when I was in my early teens. As a budding photographer he gave me ‘a job’ to take some shots for a local magazine he published. Over the years we would see each other much as Chris describes as we lived in the same area. Mike was an interesting character but always encouraging and upbeat. Chris and I are good friends. I photographed his winery Eden Road for their website and other things a few years ago and more recently some shots for Chris’s new chapter as a writer. I didn’t know he knew Mike so one of those coincidences that add to life’s richness.

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